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2X twenty years of La Xina ART

16 December 2017 - 20 January 2018

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The X of Xina has already doubled, as those cells that divide to form two new ones (what experts call “cellular bipartition”). Twenty years is a considerable period of time, we apply it in whatever field, but if we talk about a group of artists, perhaps the adjective to qualify would bring it closer to thaumaturgy. It is truly a miracle to have kept alive an artistic and cultural project such as that of Xina A.R.T. for two decades, in a very adverse environment and times such proposals. That is why we are not double, but triple or quàdruplement happy to celebrate and celebrate, to take more desire and drive to move forward, at least, a dozen years more.
For our first tenth anniversary we published a large and luxurious catalog, with the participation of more than thirty artists who had been members of the group and more logistics and media than now, that we are practically in war economy. That is why, taking advantage of the fact that we are soon to present the sixth copy of La Conchinchina (another miracle of biblical dimensions, since seven years of edition of the publication is also a remarkable and mystical duration), we have prepared a special section in the magazine to commemorate our twentieth anniversary and, incidentally, another exceptional event: the tenth anniversary of the European Network of Contemporary Creation spaces Kanîbal’hopox, a macrogroup of alternative spaces of continental scope.
During these twenty years they have shown their work, first in our space of Doctor Dou street and for a few years now in L’Hort de la bomba, no less than 654 artists, from 25 different countries (German, English, Argentines, Austrians, Bulgarians, Catalans, Koreans, Spaniards, French, Greeks, Iranians, Italians, Japanese, Lithuanians, Mexicans, Americans, Norwegians, Poles, Serbs, Swiss, Swedes, Chinese, Turks, Uruguayans, Chileans and Zimbawencs). And also we, the “Chinese”, have been able to visit some of these places to show our work. More than a hundred musicians (jazz, flamenco, rock, classical, soul, folk …) have been able to present their work to the various recitals of Xina Suena. More than 60 performers (and rapporteurs and magicians and activists in general) have participated in the different editions of the Houdini Performance Festival, in the openings and in the parallel cultural activities that we carried out (Xina Xinorri, Barcelona Emergentes, Xina Poesía or the magazine the Conchinchina).
All this frenetic activity has generated 187 exhibitions at home, 96 outside, 48 concerts, 34 performative activities and 19 other unclassifiable ones, 7 magazines and even an animation film festival (Xinacittà). All this must be celebrated properly. Therefore, to celebrate also the thirteenth edition of the Bazar del Chino (another icing for the cake) we have prepared this exhibition with the best we have at home. To enjoy it and, because you are as participants in this project as we are ourselves: For many years to all!

Title: “2X twenty years of La Xina ART” (Bazar del Chino, 13th edition)
Authors: Benxamín Álvarez, Xesco Mercé and Marc Vilallonga.
Space: La Xina A.R.T., Hort de la bomba, 6, 08001 Barcelona
Dates: from December 16, 2017 to January 20, 2018
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Concerted visits: 678452653
Inauguration: Saturday December 16 at 7:30 p.m.



16 December 2017
21 January
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La Xina A.R.T.


La Xina A.R.T.
Hort de la bomba 6, 08001 Barcelona España
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