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Decoding the Pollock Code – Enric Rota

17 December 2017 - 21 January 2018

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Decoding the Pollock Code

The intention of decoding the code “Pollock” is
to resurrect a pictorial technique already recognized as dripping and hard-to a decoding process with its own visual system, deepening in states and situations where visual forms are accentuated, beyond the limits of its own image.

The need to reflect a research painting
Through a synthesis process, he was led to explore the color interaction created by Albers from a visual code established by Jackson Pollock. Pollock’s paintings opened a new point of view and perception, looking for a possible gap within the evolution of himself, even starting from an already established movement such as Action painting.

For Enric Rota, color precedes form and not vice versa. The importance of contrast is essential to define the
form based on its chromatic content, itself and its own environment.

“This led me to capture more and more individualized forms and difenciar-within a set of similar images, giving situations in which the forms are defined, detached or prevail over the visual environment that surrounds them.”

The purpose of all this result is that, starting from an accentuated chromaticism, a happy and wild visual poetry is captured.

Enric Rota Jovani

Self-taught, he prefers to define himself more as a visual poet of color and form than as a commercial designer.
He trained at the School of Textile Design in Barcelona and went deeper into design through lectures given at the EINA Institute and the teachings and concerns of Ràfols Casamada or Grau Garriga, among others.

At the same time, it carried out studies on mixtures of materials and
colors applied to the textile world.

The search for a simple, charismatic and innovative design has
pursued all of life. His search has led him to investigate a possible chromatic approach to the independence of color in nature, as well as to capture, through painting, a possible pictorial evolution within abstract expressionism.

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17 December 2017
22 January
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