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Extrospacio / Interfacio

17 August

| Free

Extrospacio/Interfacio will bring together 3 artists all working with algorithmic composition and generative systems interfaces, combining into one evening EEG experimental performance, digital fabrication using mechatronics engineering and robotics, and live-coding music composition.

Alicia Bickford Champlin

Alicia is an American artist / researcher from the state of Maine, where she is working on an MFA in Intermèdia, and is currently an artist in residence at Hangar.org here in Barcelona.

“I Am Sitting…” is an experimental performance installation which explores the potential of the mind’s ability to manifest itself in direct terms without mediation. This work attempts to bypass the external gestures of performance and instead use internal controls like EEG & ECG biofeedback to generate changes in the viewer’s perception of their environment, as an intervention that asks questions about communication, authenticity, and neutrality.

Patricio Rivera

Patricio, also an artist in residence at Hangar.org, is interested in the relationship between society, its production systems and its technology, investigating mutations, displacements and changes in these forms. His work develops from the deconstruction and questioning of the technological fabric, creating a system of relationship where allegories coexist with work, surplus value, capital and consumption. His usual resources are programming and computational algorithms, digital fabrication, computer numerical control, robotics and mechatronics, as a physical representation of data.

Niklas Reppel

Niklas Reppel is a programmer and musician currently working as an audio software developer for Eurecat in Barcelona. His personal interests focus on creating domain specific languages and less-deterministic systems for explorative, code-based composition, aiming to produce results that are unpredictable enough to be sufficiently entertaining. Drawing further inspiration from industrial soundscapes, cognitive musicology and (formerly) instrumental improvisation, he applies these systems to an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from acousmatic composition to club music. He also holds a Master’s degree in Music Informatics from the IMWI at Karlsruhe Music University.

With this occasion we also want to say thank you to Hangar.org for the support and sponsorship offered to the residents for their projects.


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