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Pastos Famos

22 February - 17 March

22 February 2018 – 17 March 2018

The flood of images literally floods us. More than ever, it seems to be a conscious decision to choose the slow and analogous medium of painting. This raises the question of what strategies contemporary painting pursues today? Thousands of times she was already said to be dead because one could rest on the comfortable excuse that traditional points of view moved out of sight. Is that really true?
The five artists: Catrine Bodum-Bak, Heidi Izzo, Nadja Kirschgarten, Lee Lichtenstein and Sarah Solderer use art history for their own purposes. They also question the “picture in the picture”. The question of the value of the image is no longer to be found in its formalistic approach, the autonomy of form, colour and composition. Perhaps there will never be another form of art, except painting, which through its history is so suitable to think about pictures. After the Western avant-garde, the academic demands, then the object, the figurative and finally the “ability”, the painting had to search for “new tasks”. It continues to do so today, perhaps even more than ever. Try to counteract the digital by analogous representation, as it once did when photography came to its historical crisis. Only with the difference today hardly ever to pursue the claim to weave physical reality into the pictorial space.

It is certain that painting generates traces and gestures of the past differently from the digital. The brushstroke preserves past actions, leaves behind gestures of what has happened and opens the view on what happened afterwards. The result is readable. Movement and gesture still follow the same strong presence. Paste-like paint applications create haptic qualities, contours and create visual friction. The subject no longer plays the same role as before. Abstract can force remarkably real free spaces in the picture.

Why five artists? Because they couldn’t be more different in their work and because the statement “Women don’t paint so well, that’s a fact” by G. Baselitz is simply not true.

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22 February
18 March
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Gotthardstrasse 54, Zürich, 8002 Switzerland
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